3 Part-Time Jobs to Help You Tide Over During This Difficult Period

If you’re currently unemployed, or just looking for something to help you get through this rough patch, we may have some decent options for you.

The COVID-19 Coronavirus has turned the world we know upside down.

Simple pleasures like going out for bubble tea, meeting friends over a round of drinks, playing football on Sundays and hitting the gym are now all luxuries that we simply cannot afford if we want to curb the spread of the virus.

For some, the word “afford” takes on a deeper meaning that hits closer to home.

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven our global economy into a tailspin, with many businesses buckling under the pressure.

Singaporeans from various industries have lost their jobs to no fault of their own; some are on no pay leave, many have found themselves sitting at home — not knowing when the next pay check may arrive, if at all.

According to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), the number of retrenched workers has increased since January, with the figure expected to continue rising in the coming months. Along with Maybank economists Chua Hak Bin and Lee Ju Ye predicting that Singapore can expect about 150,000 to 200,000 job losses this year alone, our economic outlook might seem grim to say the very least.

If you are one such person who has seen your job affected by the virus, you should know that there ARE options out there, in fact, this particular path could potentially help you “discover” yourself!

A part-time job may start off as a stop gap measure, but the following few that we are about to introduce to you to are in industries that have traditionally been considered as essential services, making them potentially perfect if you’re thinking of joining them full time in the near future.

Let’s call it a decent opportunity for you to dip your toes into a new sector- as online subscriptions go, let’s treat this as a trial run.

1. Social Distancing Ambassador

If you are great at communicating with people, fluent in English and a mother tongue, charismatic and outgoing… this could be the role for you!

With up to $2,500 in remuneration, your job isn’t just about convincing Singaporeans to follow the CCB (COVID-19 Circuit Breaker) measures; it’ll also allow you to proudly play your part in curbing the spread of this deadly virus.

Potential Future Career Path: Anywhere that involves manpower. From security to concierge, customer service to enforcement. You may even develop some vital communication skills from constantly interacting with people, possibly levelling up your charisma and personality, making one brilliant for any of the industries mentioned.

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2. Delivery

There’s probably no better time to dive into the world of dispatching. From food to shopping, humans to animals, documents to commodities, everything and everyone needs to move from point A to point B, even more so today now that many of us are #stayhome.

The virus may have decimated many industries but this is one that is currently thriving, with demand for home deliveries surging to extraordinary levels.

Potential Future Career Path: Transportation and Logistics. Delivery of items doesn’t just involve the drivers and riders, there is a whole structured backbone of cogs and wheels that make it run like clockwork. Your experience on the frontlines may give you a solid tan but it’ll also provide you with the priceless experience and know-how of what really happens at the consumer facing side of the industry; giving you the perfect platform to jump into the world of supply and logistics.

3. Temperature checker / health screener

A seemingly simple job at first glance, but one that is crucial in curbing the spread. We’ve seen them everywhere especially during the COVID-19 pandemic- from shopping malls to train stations, our office workplace to restaurants.

To some it may just be a job where you’re looking out for the “hot” people in the crowd, but in reality you’re actually having a taste of the healthcare industry.

Ensuring the safety of the people, yup! Caring for your fellow countrymen, absolutely! Assisting those who aren’t in good health, for sure!

Potential Future Career Path: Taking up an opportunity as a health screener could very well be your baby steps into healthcare! From hospitals to clinics, nursing homes to laboratories, to therapy centres and more, the opportunities in this field are limitless.

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