3 Ways to Land That Dream Job Even if You Did a Different Major

If you are a fresh graduate trying to land a job unrelated to your qualification, it could be a daunting prospect.

For Mr Tiong Ming Huat, 26, a fresh graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, it was a challenging transition. However, through the Work Trial programme, Mr Tiong is now a project manager with Common Extract LLP overseeing digital marketing for some of the company’s web development projects.

Here are three useful tips from Mr Tiong on how you can get that job even if you do not have the relevant qualifications.

1. Secure internships to find out your preferences and build up your work portfolio

“Interning with a food distributor company allowed me to learn to make use of marketing tools like Google Analytics and Adwords. I was also given a taste of what’s it like to manage a company’s social media accounts,” Mr Tiong shared.

Understanding your job preferences by taking up internships give great insights into what it entails. While salaries for interns are low, remember it is the learning and not the money that will set you on your way to discovering a job.

Use opportunities present during the internships to build up your portfolio by including significant tasks completed on your portfolio. Convince potential employers you have the necessary credentials and experiences for the job you are applying for by showing how the soft skills gathered during your internship experiences are transferable regardless of industries.

Mr Tiong said: “Working with some food bloggers to help raise the brand awareness of my internship company helped to double the number of subscribers in their email mailing list, an achievement I could include in my resume!”

2. Never stop exploring

“When I first started dabbling with web development during my NS days, I never expected myself to enjoy it so much, much less carve out a career in digital marketing!” Mr Tiong said.

Be open and explore new opportunities because you would never know how that experience can set you up for a fulfilling career. Who knows, you might just be able to monitise your newfound skills.

On the digital marketing tools that Mr Tiong picked up over time, he said: “My personal experience with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and direct email marketing allowed me to generate content that my internship company’s audiences could better relate to too.”

New skills can help open new doors for your career.

Go for career preparatory courses that get you started on your career journey.

3. Tap on readily available schemes

“Having come across so many companies that rejected me due to my lack of formal marketing education, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I chanced upon Work Trial* by Workforce Singapore (WSG) online one day,” Mr Tiong said.

Work Trial offers individuals short-term work stints in companies, for opportunities to gain real industry insights and the possibility of gaining employment when it ends.

Mr Tiong shared, “I picked up digital marketing skills like link building, copywriting and learnt more about selecting appropriate marketing channels and devising content marketing strategies during my Work Trial on-job training.”

He added, “For once, I felt like my lack of formal qualification in digital marketing was not discriminated against!”

Career help is readily available to everyone. You just need to know where to look.

*Work Trial has now been enhanced to Career Trial. Career Trial is a programme under the ADAPT and GROW initiative. Participants will receive work experience with a host company, training allowance of up to $7,200, and retention incentive of up to $1,500.

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