As a 40+ PMET, landing a job with a competitive salary could take longer than expected. Here’s how WSG’s Career Support Programme can help.

Many mature jobseekers find themselves applying for jobs in sunrise industries or lowering their salary demands to boost their chances of finding work. However, this can put a strain on finances, especially if you have heavy financial obligations such as mortgages, car loans, elderly parents to support and children’s school fees to pay.

This is where Workforce Singapore’s (WSG) Career Support Programme (CSP) can help. The CSP encourages employers to hire Singapore citizen PMETs, including those 40 years and older, who have been actively searching for jobs but have been unemployed for six months or more.

The programme helps assure these jobseekers of a gross monthly salary ranging from S$4,000 (S$3,600 if you are hired by a small or medium-sized enterprise, or SME) to S$7,000 a month, meaning that you get to take home a salary within your expectations. Employers, in turn, are more likely to hire you because of the subsidies that they receive.

How Does the CSP Work?

Under the CSP, PMETs aged 40 and above will be supported with salary funding in varying amounts across the first 18 months of employment, and depending on the number of months they have been unemployed.

If you have been unemployed for at least six months but less than a year, the CSP pays 40 percent of your salary in the first six months and 20 percent in the next six months of employment.

If you have been unemployed for at least 12 months, the CSP pays 50 percent of your salary in the first six months, 30 percent in the next six months and 20 percent in the following six months.

Let’s say you earn S$4,000 a month — this is how much salary support you will receive:

Salary Support for Singapore Citizen PMETs Unemployed and actively looking for jobs for six months to <12 months Unemployed and actively looking for jobs for >12 months
First six months of employment S$1,600/month S$2,000/month
Second six months of employment S$800/month S$1,200/month
Third six months of employment N/A S$800/month
Total amount of salary support over 18 months S$19,200 S$24,000


Hear From Someone who Benefitted From the CSP

Sixty-year-old Norman Tiah lost his business in the stock market crash of 2013. With a wife and three children to support, he had to adjust his lifestyle drastically, forcing him to find work in a new industry. “We had to cut our spending, reserve our savings for the children’s education [and downgrade] to a smaller apartment,” he said.

The CSP helped Norman to secure a job matching his salary expectations at a security agency while his employer was able to benefit from his vast work experience. He now manages a team of 40 security officers as a Security Manager at IGC Security Services Pte Ltd.

“The programme helped me a lot. Prior to this, I was unemployed for three to four months but with the Career Support Programme, I was able to learn new skills that I would not have been able to gain otherwise, securing me a job,” said Norman.

This successful mid-career switch has inspired many of Norman’s friends too.

“After I got a job, I encouraged my friends to learn new skills through Workforce Singapore’s Career Support Programme. Many of them have since landed a job! I would definitely encourage others to sign up for this programme because it helps you gain relevant knowledge and capabilities,” he added.