Cangina See

Cangina has more than 20 years experience, covering Banking, Securities and Insurance industry. She is inspired to build teams providing holistic financial solutions and services to meet clients’ needs.

What is your greatest achivement, and why?
My greatest satisfaction and achievement was when I was headhunted to join a local bank to lead the Privilege Banking team. I put a strategic change management plan in place to change the people, product and processes and was able to transform the entire Affluent and High Networth segment.

The most important and challenging thing I had to do is managing people. It is important that all staff share the same vision and values of the department. I strongly believe in matching an individual’s strengths correctly to the right role to motivate the person to perform at his best. In this aspect, I am a strong proponent of counselling, training and also re-training. During my stint, I grew the entire team from 30 to 80 people strong to meet the increased sales demand and services expectations of clients which resulted in an increase in overall sales volume by 65%. Client-centricity mindset, strong team synergy and commitment are imperative to any success and my team have achieved. With the team, we grew the customer base by 80% and launched Offshore Banking with an 20% increase in Asset Under Management.

Why should your next employer choose to hire you?
I have an affable and personable disposition and am a positive and focused professional who believes in leading by example. I am a leader who connects, collaborates and communicates positively to all stakeholders. In addition, I bring along vast experience and exposure to Financial Advisory Management, change management and expertise in the high networth segment. As an effective problem solver, my skillset is adaptable to all industries in the private and public sector.


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