Career Coaching Helped Him Plug the Gaps in His CV

Dabbling into various part-time and freelance roles found Jonathan Mark Austin with a disjointed resume and skill set not up to speed with the IT sector. Thanks to his career coach, he found the missing pieces he needed to keep up with the workforce.

For a decade, Mr Jonathan Austin enjoyed doing part-time and freelance work in the IT sector. It allowed him the flexibility of time to work yet pursue other interests, like keeping fit – until he realised that he was being left behind in the industry. 

“I was out of work for a year and started to lose my self-belief and confidence,” the Jalan Besar resident shares. “I couldn’t see where my skills and experience would sit and felt that being unemployed itself held a stigma for some employers.” 

To find his way back in the job market, Mr Austin sought help from Ingeus, a career matching provider under Workforce Singapore. There, he met with his advisor who also had a technology background and was able to relate well to his experience and knowledge. He soon picked up advice on how to fill the holes in this career and gear up to re-enter the fast-moving IT sector. 

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“I learnt modern networking techniques and developed a routine so that when the right role popped up, I could be the first to catch it,” the 51-year-old says. “This definitely helped me to find a way out, a way forward.” 

He found a sales job that helped build up his sector knowledge, before bagging a full-time role with VMware, a global leader in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology. “My new role pulls together my past and recent experience, and allows me to combine my two career interests: Technology and sales coaching,” he says.

Thanks to his career coach, Mr Austin reveals he’s “learnt a lot about myself and I approach life a little differently now”. 

“I never give up. I’m relishing the challenge and looking forward to the future,” he smiles.

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