Find the Right Candidate with the Career Support Programme

Pisces Technologies Pte Ltd found it challenging to hire the right talent. With the Career Support Programme (CSP), the company managed to and recommends the CSP to companies that need help to defray costs.

“As the CEO of Pisces Technologies Pte. Ltd., my colleagues and I found it challenging to hire the right talent for several positions.

We were fortunate to find Thiyagarajan and shortlisted him as we felt that he displayed strong potential. As his background was in mechanical design and project management, we found that he had good overall knowledge about the industry and systems, but lacked understanding on the micro level, which was crucial for the job role.

I understand the challenges that mature PMETs may face during the job search and was prepared to give him a chance to prove himself even though he was not an exact match for the role. I knew that mature PMETs like Thiyagarajan bring with them a wealth of experience and transferable skills. For example he knew how to handle and manage people in teams as he had done so in his previous job.

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It was also useful that we could tap on the Career Support Programme (CSP) to defray salary costs of hiring Thiyagarajan. I would definitely recommend CSP to employers. I found the salary support very useful for a small company like ours with around 10 employees. The salary support provided by CSP covers part of the hiring costs when new employees like Thiyagarajan are learning on the job and trying to fit into their new environment. With the CSP, we were able to set aside time to train him for the job before evaluating his performance.”

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