4 Hiring Trends Jobseekers Need to Know

Optimise Your Job Listings

The 4th industrial revolution or “Industry 4.0” is a key driver of Singapore’s future economic growth. Apart from changing the nature of work, new technologies have also given rise to new methods in hiring and recruitment.

Here are 4 recruiting trends you need to know to get an edge over other jobseekers.


Recruitment automation

Digitalisation has opened new opportunities for HRs and recruiters to employ shorter, smarter and more efficient hiring strategies. Hiring tactics include:

  • Automated candidate sourcing and matching via the companies’ Applicant Tracking System (ATS).
  • Creation of customised employee value propositions to facilitating job-matching.



Video, phone and chatbot interviews

While we master the art of managing phone and video conferencing interviews, companies have also started using chatbots for preliminary interviews. Accenture, DBS, and Singtel are amongst the employers who are already adopting chatbots in their screening process. Features such as “facial expression analysis” are also incorporated to pick up your personality traits and assess your fit for the job.


  • Familiarise yourself with the different phone and video interview formats and learn how to set up your recording device in a conducive environment for a smooth and professional interview.
  • Avoid typing in short-form or emojis when talking to a chatbot. Feel free to ask questions, but do not test or harass the chatbot.
  • Digital tools tend to lower your energy levels, so make it a point to showcase your personality and enthusiasm.

Skills-based hiring

By 2020, over a third of the desired skills of most occupations will comprise skills that are not yet considered crucial to the jobs of today. (World Economic Forum Future of Jobs Report). These skills, such as complex problem-solving capabilities, critical thinking and cognitive flexibility, are not easily replicated by robots.


  • Future-proof your career by identifying and learning the relevant hard/technical skills in growth sectors.
  • Develop your soft skills (communication, listening, empathy, etc.). Soft skills are the difference between a good and a great candidate.


Reliance on internal/employee referrals

When it comes to recruitment, referrals can be of tremendous value in hiring quality candidates. Employee referrals have long been seen as the holy grail of recruiting new employees.


Industry 4.0 can be daunting, but with the right attitude and willingness to improve, you can thrive in this new era.