An Hour to Hour Job Search Plan for Private Car Drivers

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Pick up some tips and tricks to boost your job search while working as a Grab / Gojek driver.


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How much time should one spend on their job search?

The reality is that time is needed to search for jobs, customise resumes and fill in job applications. In fact, it is recommended to spend 10 – 20 hours a week to work on your job search.

Working part-time to supplement your finances is definitely acceptable. The trick to searching for a job while working is by drawing up an hour to hour schedule of your daily activities and allocating pockets of time for your job search.

Block off a few hours in a day to focus on your job search: identify job vacancies you are interested in, research into a company and their culture, customise your resumé and network on LinkedIn.

Here is an example of a schedule for part time Grab / Gojek drivers which you can tailor to your situation:

6amStart your day fresh with a shower and a hearty breakfast.
7amDrive to catch the peak hour customers who are on their way to work. Why not engage them in small talk to find out more about their job?
11amBreak. Stretch and relax.
12pmLunch time. Fuel up before you start on your job search!
1pmBlock off the next few hours to focus on your job search. Look for positions that you are interested in and read up on the job description.
2pmAfter narrowing down the jobs, tailor your resumé for each job role. Look at the keywords in job descriptions and be sure to include them in your resumé.
3pmTake an eye break, get a cup of coffee or take a short walk.
3:30pmReview your resumé again, check for any grammatical errors or missing information. When you feel confident, send it to your career coach for a second opinion.
4:30pmPlan the job-related activities you will be doing tomorrow. Consider updating your LinkedIn profile and connecting with some of your passengers!
5pmOff to catch the peak hour again!
8pmTime to wind down and spend dinner time with your loved ones. Engage in your hobbies or exercise!

Authentic networking is a little known superpower of being a cab driver. Your ability to meet a variety of working professionals, engage in conversations and build relationships over a short period of time is a great way to land a job faster – be it learning more about the industry and labour market or building your networks.

To close with a time-saving tip: Try subscribing for automated job leads, or getting news on the latest career events, delivered right to your email inbox!