Preparing Yourself for a Phone or Video Interview

If your interview is conducted over the phone or via a video call, learning how to carry yourself at these interviews can put you at an advantage that will set you apart from other job applicants. Consider the following tips to ace that interview! 

1. Get your documents ready

Having your resumé in hand, as well as the job description, a list of references and prepared answers to challenging questions can help ensure a smoother interview. A pen and paper will also come in useful when you need to take notes.

2. Location, location, location!

Secure a quiet, conducive space to ensure that there are no interruptions or distractions during the interview.

3. Test your Equipment

To avoid any hiccups that could hinder your interview process, download, install and test the application prior to your interview. Position the camera so that the lower frame is in the upper part of your chest.

4. Set Yourself up to Impress

Refer to the following pointers to ensure that your next video interview runs smoothly:

  • Find a setting with a plain background where possible
  • Check that there is sufficient lighting. Your skin tone should appear neutral
  • Ensure that your physical appearance is presentable
  • Dress professionally, keep your hair tidy and avoid wearing too much make-up and accessories
  • Maintain an upright posture
  • Put on a confident smile

5. Sound Advice

  • Adjust the audio to the quality of sound that’s comfortable
  • Keeping calm and speaking clearly is key to sounding more confident
  • Smiling during a call can help make your tone more positive and energetic
  • Walking and talking can cause breathlessness, which may show a lack of confidence
  • Try standing while speaking, it puts less pressure on your diaphragm, giving you more clarity
  • Always let your interviewer finish speaking before you respond

6. Practice makes Perfect

Now that you have learned how to prepare yourself for an interview call, conduct your own rehearsal by recording an audio or video clip of yourself. This will help you spot mistakes and learn how you can present yourself better for the next interview.