Professional Conversion Programme (PCP)

Professional Conversion Programmes (PCP) offer Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMETs), including mid-career switchers, skills training and upgrading to move into sectors with good prospects.

  • How it works:
    • Attach-and-Train: Receive training and work attachments in growth sectors, in advance of job placement, in growth sectors.
      • WSG’s funding support will be provided to Employers
      • Employers will co-fund the remaining salary and course fees

    • Place-and-Train: Get hired by a participating employer before undergoing training to take on new job roles.
      • WSG funding support will be provided to Trainees
      • Employers will co-fund at least an additional 10% of prevailing salary

  • Eligibility/Who is it for?
    • Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents
    • Aged 21 years and above
    • Graduated or completed National Service at least 2 years
    • Other course-specific entry criteria may apply for different PCPs

Begin by searching the list of occupations and sectors on the PCP portal ( Suitable applicants will be shortlisted for an interview before embarking on the programme. For more information on the funding rates, download the brochure, or factsheet.