Transferrable Skills You need for a Career Switch

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Find out how to identify your transferrable skills and learn about the common skills employers look out for.


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When we think about switching careers, the question that often comes to mind is:

Do I have the skills for this new industry?

Many jobseekers looking at a career switch think of their previous jobs in terms of their day-to-day tasks and activities. Take a stay home mum from the instance. She cooks, cleans and takes care of her children. On the surface, it may seem irrelevant to most paid employment. However, if we look deeper, a stay home mum also possesses skills which are highly relevant to the workplace:

Financial Management & Budgeting

Manages household expenditure and plans for monthly savings
Teaching & Educating

Educates children and guides their character and language development
Creativity & Design

Designs activities & crafts to inspire children to learn
Interpersonal skills

Engages teachers and fellow parents to identify child’s progress and explore ways to improve learning outcomes

Now that you are better equipped to identify and articulate your transferrable skills, consider the following skills that employers look out for:

Unsure about your transferable skills? You can refer to the Skills Framework to learn more about jobs in the new industry and its required core competencies under “Generic Skills and Competencies – Top 5”.

It is easy for anyone to claim that they have the above skills, but being able to support the claims with real-life examples, achievements, and applications is key. Once you have identified your transferrable skills, prepare 1 – 2 examples of how you would apply that skill to the new job or industry to achieve similar positive outcomes. You can include skills in your resume, LinkedIn profile and even mention it during the interview!