Exploring A New Career In Digital Marketing

Interested to try out a new career? Find out how Ming Huat did it with Work Trial*.

“My parents were expecting me to find a job in the pharmaceutical industry since I studied in that field, and they were not too receptive that I wanted to pursue something else. However, during my two internships in the pharmaceutical industry, I realised that I did not want to be in a highly-structured and regulated work environment in the long run. I could not imagine myself dispensing prescriptions and monitoring drug therapies for the rest of my career. I wanted a job that allows for greater creative freedom.

While serving National Service, I picked up web development skills and created some websites on my own. I found that I was pretty good at it. Using basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) guidelines, I directed viewers to my sites, hitting a reach of 10,000 viewers a month at one point. I was proud of my success and it also brought me some freelancing opportunities like commenting on blogs, audio transcriptions, and creating 2D animations.

With the numerous positive feedback from my clients, I was motivated to explore a career in digital marketing instead of my field of study.

Despite my successful track record, my lack of digital marketing qualifications and formal work experience posed as a stumbling block. As I was doing my job search online, Work Trial appeared on my search results one day. I read about how Work Trial allows jobseekers to try out industries where they have no prior experience and supports employers in hiring these jobseekers. It was the opportunity I was looking for and I signed up for it.

I began my Work Trial as a project management trainee at Common Extract LLP and helped out with the digital marketing of some of the company’s projects. It was challenging for me as I had to learn to better prioritise a multitude of tasks like content creation, link building, and web development at the same time. However, I became more acquainted with the processes with the support of my boss and colleagues, and the workflow management is so much better now.

After my two-month Work Trial, the company offered me a full-time position as a project manager. I’m thankful for the support my boss has extended to me, as he has also sent me for a digital marketing course to strengthen my knowledge of marketing strategies.

I am confident that I will continue to make positive contributions to the company. I certainly may not be Mark Zuckerburg but I can relate to the idea of pursuing one’s passion as he did.”

*Work Trial has now been enhanced to Career Trial. Career Trial is a programme under the ADAPT and GROW initiative. Participants will receive work experience with a host company, training allowance of up to $7,200, and retention incentive of up to $1,500.

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