Give Your Company a Boost With the Career Support Programme

Grayink Consulting needed an experienced bookkeeper but could not afford one. Read on to find out how the Career Support Programme helped the company meet its needs.

For Grayink Consulting, a young business and management consultancy firm, they experienced the benefits and impact when they tapped on CSP. The company needed to improved its administrative efficiency in order to boost output and skyrocket business. However, the company struggled to make ends meet and could not afford to increase their manpower. Eventually, the management resolved that they needed some financial backing. This led them to CSP.

Since using the benefits of CSP, Grayink Consulting has experienced significant growth and development in their business. Read on to hear from their management about how CSP has benefitted their business today!

As a young start-up, keeping costs reasonable is foremost on our minds. When we secured a project that needed bookkeeping services, I was in a dilemma as it was not part of my company’s suite of business offerings and there were no additional resources for this project. We could not afford the additional cost burden in hiring an experienced bookkeeper which would be needed for the project.

Coincidentally I came across information about the Career Support Programme (CSP) in the newspapers and then looked up about the programme on Workforce Singapore (WSG) website to understand more. The timing was perfect!  CSP gave us some financial backing to restructure our company and channelled our funds into boosting output and efficiency.

Using CSP we managed to hire an experienced bookkeeper as the programme helped to bridge the new hire’s salary gap by 20% for the first six months and 10% for the next six months. The process of application through the WSG Feedback Portal was very easy.

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“With the boost given by CSP, our company has managed to expand our bookkeeping clientale from just one to five, and this has proved to be a successful business diversification for us. CSP allowed us to defray our salary cost to hire an experienced staff and leverage his experience to grow the business. This in turn will eventually support his salary once the CSP period ends, which is a win-win outcome for us.”

“All in all,  CSP helped to catapult our business to higher heights and we are thankful that we have had to chance to make a name for ourselves in the industry. From here on, we are ready for any challenge that comes our way.”

CSP gave Grayink Consulting the financial and emotional reassurance to allocate more efforts towards enhancing productivity in order to develop their business and increase output. In the end, CSP gave Grayink a much-needed boost!

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