Lee Hee Tat

A dedicated Financial Controller with over 20 years of commercial experience in both local SMEs and MNCs, Hee Tat is seeking to embark on the next step of his career with an organisation that shares his values of integrity, resourcefulness, and teamwork.


As a Financial Controller, what are the essential skills you possess which ensures compliance and growth in companies both big and small?
I’ll have to say it’s a combination of my strong finance skills and communication abilities. Here’s why.

During my time at Eurokars, one of my biggest achievements was being a key member of the management team that prepared a series of successful business plans that won us dealership agreements with McLaren, Maserati and Mazda, Maserati. My role in this team was to communicate and collaborate with my colleagues who were creating the marketing and operations aspects of the plans, and use that information to design the projected financials. It was a superb team effort that paid off, thanks to good communication.

I’m also glad that over the course of my career, I’ve developed the skills needed to not only design the structures and controls needed to ensure compliance and accelerate growth, but to get hands-on and execute these policies when needed.

Was finance your first choice as a career? Also, how have your strengths and weaknesses contributed to the success of the organisations you’ve worked for?
I’ve always known that finance is my ideal career. Since I was young, I’ve loved numbers and in particular, accounting. So when I had the opportunity to study at Murdoch University in Perth, I chose to major in accountancy.

Even my personality is a perfect fit for this career. I’m a naturally effective communicator who’s good with people, and this helps immensely when I’m talking to staff members, peers, and bosses. And even though I can impatient, wanting to get things done as fast as possible, this has helped me to build a reputation as a trustworthy professional who always delivers on time – an especially useful trait during audit periods!

How would others describe you as a person and professional?
I’ve been told by peers that I’m approachable and team-oriented. Meanwhile, my superiors have found me to be responsible, dedicated, trustworthy, and a man of integrity – comments that I greatly appreciate and am humbled by.

As he prepares for his next challenge, Hee Tat is improving himself with active learning – attending enrichment workshops (on Advanced Financial Analysis, Ratio Analysis, Merger and Acquisitions, and Auction Trading) and career coaching with Ingeus, a Career Matching Provider of Workforce Singapore.

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