Patriotic Profession: Unsung Heroes of Singapore

With National Day month, now’s the perfect time to think about the ways we serve our country. – Contributed by

In the way of jobs, the professions that serve Singapore directly – civil work, military and governmental positions spring to mind – seem to be the only ones that do so, but in fact any position that helps to make Singapore a better place, is a patriotic one. With this in mind, let’s pay tribute to the invisible heroes of our daily lives, whom help to contribute to Singapore’s society. If you’re job-hunting for an occupation with which to contribute to Singapore, the following list of five sectors will be perfect for you.

Building and construction: The rhythmic clangs of metal on metal and steady pounding of concrete mark not just the construction of a new building, but also another sign of Singapore’s continual refurbishment and renovation to maintain its position at the forefront of innovation. Our builders, armed with their signature hard hat on their heads and a wieldy tool in hand, who toil for long hours in the sun, are often underappreciated by society. Their efforts, although indispensable, are less lauded – now is the perfect time to thank them for their hard work!

Education: Teachers, school administration staff, class assistants…these are the people who play one of the most important roles, especially in the early stages of our lives, and thus deserve everyone’s appreciation. Their work in shaping the minds of our young, in encouraging everyone’s best qualities, and in handing us the tools to embark on the road to the best possible future is essential. Although our teachers, lecturers, and professors are often the most prominent in the classroom, we must not forget the efforts made by those hidden more deeply in the offices, such as office administration and school staff.

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Journalism: The news ticker that rolls quietly along the bottom of the screen is not unlike the tireless efforts of Singapore’s journalists: understated and unembellished but deeply critical and key to our daily lives. To keep up with our hectic lifestyles and the ever-changing world around us, journalists often work hard, but do not receive the credit they deserve. Indeed, their weapons of clear, concise writing and sharp wit pencils in the continual chatter keep everyone updated on current affairs and local news.

Science: The scientists redefining their field are often portrayed in cartoons as unapproachable, eccentric people, with their frizzy hair and glowing test tubes. In reality, scientists are people who endeavour to innovate, to create new things or improve current ones that bring benefit to society. Without scientists, society would still be living in the past! Everyone should take their time to appreciate the long and thankless hours that go into researching a new concept, product or theory, as they are critical to our success and comfort.

Social services: Truly our deserving heroes, social service workers often need to employ boundless amounts of patience and kindness while working, finishing long hours while having to maintain a positive spirit and bright energy all the while. Their gentle embraces add a touch of warmheartedness to Singapore’s urban landscape, and the importance of their work in rehabilitating those in need, working with anyone struggling, and offering a listening ear and helping hand to citizens with troubles cannot be understated.

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