Paving New Career Paths With the Professional Conversion Programme (PCP)

Don’t let your job history hold you back. Clara Hoo certainly didn’t. 

Coming from an accountancy background, Clara Hoo worked on financial accounting and reporting in her previous place of employment. Moving along with changes in her organisation, her role soon evolved to assisting with business processes and accounting information management. And over time, further exposure to improvements of processes and procedures by harnessing technology allowed her to become an integral bridge between finance users and the IT team. 

Through her experience in this role, she was able to discover where her strengths and interests lie. Being able to sharpen logical thinking, use her analytical skills and play the role of a subject matter expert to help an organisation improve its business processes and handle change brought her job satisfaction. However, after spending about a year in this role in Kuala Lumpur, she returned to Singapore and decided to embark on a new career path: Consultancy. 

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Interestingly, though Ms Hoo did not possess any consultancy background, she applied to Deloitte for a consultancy role. Supported by her accounting knowledge and familiarity with financial systems, Deloitte eventually hired and enrolled her into their Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for Consultants that was developed in collaboration with Workforce Singapore (WSG) and Economic Development Board (EDB). To the company, her lack of consultancy experience was not a disadvantage. Rather, through Ms Hoo and other PCP trainees, they were able to add to their employee diversity, delivering greater value to their clients with the unique insights their PCP trainees’ previous experience affords them.

Through the salary support* and course fee subsidy* received under PCP, Ms Hoo received the training and mentoring necessary for her to become a consultant. Deloitte’s 6-month PCP offers a variety of structured learning programmes, such as on-the-job training and classroom-styled and online courses to equip trainees with the frameworks and tools of the consulting trade. 

The tailored programme also gave her the opportunity to attend an overseas training in Melbourne and learn about a new cloud financial system called Workday. Through her time in Melbourne, she was able to interact with colleagues of different nationalities, background and experience, building up her international perspective.  

After undergoing PCP, Ms Hoo is able to leverage on her new skillset and assimilate consulting work with her previous experiences, allowing her to deliver richer solutions to her clients and support her career goal of helping corporations transform their businesses.

*Funding caps may apply, support also dependent on the candidate.

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