Stephen Goh

Over the course of his career, Stephen has helped companies get leaner, grow faster and accrue savings. Now he is ready for his next challenge.

So, what is your area of expertise?
I’m a tech enthusiast with over 25 years of experience and my expertise covers a broad spectrum from end user computing, infrastructure, to application and digital transformation. I’ve also worked in a wide range of industries including banking, healthcare, transportation, logistics, telecommunication, and aviation.

More recently, I’m focusing on digital transformation and security – helping companies make the most of digital technologies to enhance their performance, efficiency, productivity and customer experience.

One such example was when I led the cross-functional team at DBS Bank to improve the management of lost credit and debit cards. Typically when customers lose their cards, they may have lost their wallets, or need cash to tide them over temporarily before their new cards arrive. Unfortunately, there persisted a large amount of complaints pertaining the long lead-time of 24 hours to send a cash advance delivery to customers.

To solve the issue, I used a combination of design thinking and the 4 ‘I’s Framework of Insights, Idea, Impact and Implement to formulate a breakthrough solution, where complimentary taxis would be sent to pick customers up with their cash advance delivery. The solution was incredibly well received, and I was even commended by the CEO personally.

How do you go about doing this?
I count both problem solving and strategy planning as my strengths. I believe there is more to helping a company than “curing” its most urgent troubles – the big picture matters just as much.

In addition to addressing a company’s immediate challenges with short-term plans, my solutions also help companies to take the long view and transform themselves to thrive in the new economy.

Has your work brought tangible results? 
Yes. One example would be my work with AT&T Asia Pacific. Having found redundancy in services that caused inefficiency within the regional office, I came up with a proposal to the CIO to rectify the issue by removing and streamlining tasks. Once put in place, this plan helped the company achieve a dramatic increase in savings and accrued over $15 million. The global office subsequently adopted the strategic model he proposed.

The technology sector moves at lightning speed. How does you keep your skills and insights relevant?
I’m deeply passionate about digital transformation in the Fourth Industry Revolution and  actually find it exciting to keep myself plugged in to current technologies through networking events and seminars.

I’m also an avid learner and read regularly on the latest breakthroughs such as Blockchain technology, Initial Coin Offering, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Cyber Security.

I also attend courses to keep my skills sharp. Recently I completed the Certified Information System Auditor course after being a practice leader for more than 10 years.

What are your plans and visions for the future?
Currently, I’m an independent consultant, and I’ve spoken to various organisations, including Global Media and Advertising Agencies on the benefits and application of Blockchain, AI, IOT and AR.

In the next phase of my career, I plan to work for a company where I’d be able to help them grow in their digital capabilities, and make a lasting impact socially.

Since his last role, Stephen has undergone enrichment workshops and career coaching with WSG to ensure that he’s ready for his next role.

Stephen has a handy advice for companies with big ambitions to grow. Think big, start small, and scale fast. Keen to hear more of his insights and bring Stephen on board? Have a chat with Stephen to find out how he can help expand your business.

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