Unsung Heroes of the Singapore Workplace

Behind closed doors, there are professionals who work tirelessly to make sure the cogs of every business run smoothly.  Contributed by JobStreet.com 

Without our heroes, there would be disorganisation and chaos – do give them a pat on their backs and thank them for their efforts whenever you see them in the office!

1.     Admin

Her duties range from bookkeeping to secretarial skills, office management and sometimes double up as human resources – and she is a master of all. Innately aware of every little thing that happens at the workplace, she is to go-to person for everyone.

Urgently need your boss but you have no idea where he is? She knows. Having an important meeting with your potential-million-dollar-deal-client tomorrow, but you have no idea where are the contract files? She knows, too. Keep your friends close, but keep your admin lady closer.

2.     IT

We don’t thank the IT guy when our office network runs smoothly or when the intranet functions without a glitch. But when our computers crash, our network access is down, or when office technology mystifies us, he’s on our speed dial. It may not seem obvious, but everyone in the office relies on him much more than we think!

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3.     Human Resource

Whether it’s a big team or a small team, the decisions of the HR team affect companies in significant ways: from recruiting to onboarding, training, taking care of employees, building effective teams or systems, and creating a great place for one to work in.

Besides these, HR personnel also act as negotiators for their two major ‘clients’ – employees and the management. Keeping both sides content especially in challenging situations take a great deal of empathy and resourcefulness.

4.     Accounting & Finance

It’s important to remember there is a critical, less lauded function to any organisation – the finance team. Much like the human aorta, they usually blend into the background and work away quietly, ensuring the rest of the body functions well. While what they do may seem boring and mundane to you, it is exactly what they do that keeps the company (and your paycheque) well and alive. After all, they are the ones who disperse that monthly amount into your bank account, so remember to treat them nice!

5.     The Cleaner

Everyone takes for granted a clean office, but no one truly understands the amount of work behind it – washing soiled cups, emptying numerous trash bins and ensuring all surfaces and floors are kept spick and span, and then repeating the cycle on a daily basis.

A clean workspace contributes to a motivated mindset. If you are surrounded by dirt and disarray, your productivity can be affected because you are working in an environment that doesn’t bring out the best in you.

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